Oct. 6, 2016, 5:57 p.m.

Hello everyone, my name is Yuino Sery! I am, at the moment of this post atleast lol, 19 years old and from Germany. I've started deresute after it came out for iOS, considering back then I still played on my iPhone (quite a mistake honestly) and then switched to my Android Tablet during the Riina/Chieri gacha. I remember this well because I got Shizukus SR while using up all my jewels before transfering the account. For the longest time I wasn't really interested in actually playing however as deresute is so different in playstyle and difficulty than Love Live where Experts and Masters aren't as much of a problem for me like Masters are in deresute for me. I also had a problem with the Pro difficulty at first... But everyone takes their first few baby steps someway~ My favorite imas girl is Haruna! When I started deresute I actually didn't know anyone from the cast and just wanted to play because rhythm game and gachas. When I got Harunas normal after a Live however, I was shocked. There was an Idol that looked like me?! What?! Looking into her profile on the wiki then also showed me that we were very much alike. We love glasses and cats. Haruna was just an awesome girl overall so I stuck with her. Over time I very much started loving her for the character she is instead of her and I being alike, however. I started playing somewhat serious after a SIF friend of mine started playing serious in April. Her posting about it the whole time just made me interested again and I ended up loving the game a lot more! While for the longest time I was not convinced that Haruna would ever get a SSR (at first I thought it wouldn't happen because afterall she isn't popular, she doesn't have a solo song, etc), but when more and more pointed towards her actually being able to get one I saved up for months. Just to not get her. orz Thank goodness for the SSR ticket soon afterwards however. I don't think there is a lot to say about me. I am not skilled at anything or have anything I am specially skilled at. To be exact, I view myself as a living waste, nothing else than waste of space and time. But I'm trying (somewhat) to get a therapy to start, hopefully. That's all there is to say about me.~