Oct. 8, 2016, 11:50 p.m.

The Marley Introduction Post I joined the [email protected] fanbase right around when the Cinderella Girls anime started airing because I was drawn in by the Onegai Cinderella OP the first episode had. My friend http://cinderella.pro/user/710/Playguu/ made sure I watched the 765 anime and movie before delving into Cinderella Girls and I have been completely hooked on both branches since, though I do have a preference on CG due to it being the home to My Cute Self and the 142s. I am a top tier 142P with Koume as my all-time favorite idol, followed by Sachiko and Syoko, and my fondness of them as a unit was completely on accident. I had seen both Koume and Sachiko in the Onegai OP mentioned before and I fell in love with both of them and they were the ones I went in wanting to see more of, and after catching wind they were in a unit with a third girl, I looked into who Syoko was and she quickly climbed up my rankings, securing herself as my third favorite and verifying that my top three were indeed all of the 142s. I unfortunately do not accept friend requests on Deresute due to me making sure my list is full of useful supports, but feel free to message me on here. Otsukaresama desu