June 28, 2018, 8:31 a.m.

Hey There! Elysia of the Cinderella Producers Staff here. In order to prevent the chaos that led to the removal of the first iteration of activities, we'll be implementing the following rules: 1. Don't be an ass. Light trolling is fine, but if you start throwing threats and unnecessary tantrums, you might run into trouble here. Respect begets respect. 2. No spamming or flooding. 3. Seek approval from mods before posting any form of advertisement. 4. Any form of discriminatory or hate speech is NOT allowed here. Related to this, any discussion of politics, gender, religion or any "sensitive" topic is prohibited. 5. R18/Not Safe For Work images are not allowed for the time being. NSFW here refers to fully nude artworks or artworks that fully reveal female breasts or genitalia. 6. No loli or shota pornography. Any user who violates this rule is banned immediately. 7. Should there be any concerns or issues, feel free to go to the cinderella producers discord channel: https://discord.gg/PKz9NxH We shall implement a 3 strike rule for rulebreakers (excluding rule 6 due because breaking it = permaban): * 1st strike - written warning * 2nd strike - temporary ban * 3rd strike - permanent ban We would like to keep Cinderella Producers to be fun for all. For this we will need your co-operation and support! Thank you so much for understanding and we hope to see you and your activities in Cinderella Producers! Have an Uzuki for all the trouble.