Aug. 6, 2018, 6:51 a.m.

And the Cinderella Producers winner of Petite Idol Studio - Summer Paradise Ed. 2018 is... ... ... ... ## [shinozakeh]( 14 likes [See original activity]( ![]( *** As you know, this was a cross-communities contest! So we also have 4 more winners for all our other websites. Please check them out as well! - [School Idol Tomodachi winner]( - [Bandori Party winner]( - [Maji Love winner]( - [Stardust Run winner]( *** We also have 6 more winners coming up for each category. Our staff members will need to vote, which will take a bit of time. So look forward to that! Edit: [The winners have been announced!]( *** See all the other entries on Cinderella Producers: - [Klala]( *** [See full details of the contest](