Nov. 29, 2018, 3:29 p.m.

Простите Аня! Простите! Gomen nasai Anya! I did not get your Christmas SSR even though the gacha gave me like 4 SSRs including a limited Akane and also got perm Mizuki, Karin and Mika but still I feel bad for Anya despite I have her Cinfes SSR which is my most favorite of them all. I guess the gacha wants me to get SSRs of other girls too but I better not cry tonight. Time to mine jewels from commus and get some money ready for the next scout ticket where if its perm then it's gonna be Minami while if it's limited like last anniversary, then its either limited Anya or Minami. I have to keep producing my idols and I start saving jewels for next year. I hope you forgive me Anya.