July 5, 2024, 4:18 a.m.

Donald Trump: The Challenger (Type 8) Many experts and [enneagram test](https://enneagram-test.io/) enthusiasts speculate that Donald Trump is a Type 8 - The Challenger. This type is characterized by a strong will, assertiveness, and a desire to control their environment. Here’s a closer look at how these traits manifest in Trump's personality and actions: 1. Self-Confidence and Decisiveness Type 8 individuals are known for their self-confidence and decisive nature. Trump’s career, both in business and politics, showcases his ability to make bold decisions and stand firmly by them. His assertiveness has been a key factor in his rise to prominence, whether it’s closing business deals or making policy decisions as President. 2. Confrontational and Willful Challengers are often confrontational and unafraid to challenge the status quo. Trump’s public persona is marked by his willingness to take on opponents head-on, be it through debates, social media, or public speeches. This trait aligns with the Challenger’s instinct to assert control and dominate their environment. 3. Desire for Control Type 8 personalities have a strong desire to control their surroundings and are uncomfortable with vulnerability. Trump’s leadership style often involves taking charge and making unilateral decisions, reflecting his need to maintain control. This can be seen in his management style both in his businesses and during his presidency. 4. Protective Nature Despite their tough exterior, Challengers have a protective side, especially towards their inner circle. Trump’s loyalty to his family and close associates exemplifies this trait. He often places a high value on loyalty and expects it in return, a common characteristic of Type 8 individuals.