Sept. 25, 2016, 12:07 p.m.

hi i'm mu and miria is my life i love miria i bought a motorcycle for 6000 dollars and im paying it off 700 dollars a month i bought this motorcycle so i could ride through the streets of miria's hometown which i put out a loan to buy a house there i am now almost 50 granddollars in debt but you think i care i did this for miria im still riding down the roads viewing the sunsets while listening to romantic now and thinking about miria as i grip the handle of my motorcycle btw this motorcycle is 11 years old and the miles when i bought it was 140 miles and thats the same exact height as miria and if you think that isnt enough this motorcycles license plate number is 755578 for all u dumbasses out there thats miria's measurments i bought this motorcycle on april 14 so dont even fukin come near me i replaced all my blood in my body to be AB just like miria i went to the temple to pray that miria will get an SSR made an offering at a shrine so she would come home but she did not but i did not stop believing because my life revolves around miria and i can't wait to be scalped in miria's embrace next valentine