Oct. 3, 2016, 1:09 p.m.

Hello! I'm Pikatato and actually pretty new to the cgss Community, or let's say I want to be a part of it.~ After reinstalling the game for like four times (because no time, or not much memory space on my phone left) I thought it's time to finally get started. I don't know much about [email protected] and the game itself, but I'm probably going to catch up very soon. I'm part of the Love Live fandom so I know the basic stuff about idol games, but I'm still confused about some parts of cgss, like what's the best way to practice member or how to get star gems real quick.. The main reason I got back to the game was actually this website, or let's say the translation of the site. Yesterday I saw the "translation needed" tweet of the twitter account and decided to help out with the german one. It was pretty fun actually! So yea, hello dear cgss community, I hope we get along with each other!~