A lazy producer in the world of idol hell. Hello all I'm Luciel but you can call me Lu or Mina~ I've been playing deresute for a couple months now I started playing during the Tsubomi token event and been playing ever since. I tend restart on deresute a lot for odd reasons but the highest plvl I ever reached is 43. I'm self proclaimed laziest producer I'm basically the Anzu of producers to put it that sense but I plan to become a better a producer to ditch my lazy ways but I haven't been very successful haha.. ❤️Current goals❤️: 💜Get higher than my formal plvl(current status plvl 10) 💙Fully FC a master song 💚Idolize an SSR ❤️Obtain producer rank A or above 💜Save up until Rika's limited SSR(she needs one rn)

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