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### Greetings! I stream Deresute and other games from time to time but I'm mostly active on Twitter for idol game-related things. It's hard to narrow down the favorites to just three since Cinderella Girls has so many good grills. Other personal favorites that aren't listed include Anya, Ranko, Sae, Nono, Mizuki and Miria. The list changes frequently. FeelsHatMan I probably won't add SRs unless they're nice looking ones cause I'm lazy and I have a lot of them. #FirstAidoruProblems ![deresute.me/260384315](https://deresute.me/260384315/medium?1 "This scrub still can't FC Master Tulip w/o PL") --- ### Want this banner in your profile? Copy this and replace XXXXXXXXX with your ID #: \!\[Text]\(https://deresute.me/XXXXXXXXX/medium?1 ""\) Updated cause Markdown seems to be doing weird things. ### Additional Links * [YouTube Channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9ISVZINlwwv1rnqsncSOA) * [deresute.me](https://deresute.me/260384315)

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