♥ **Hihi~! Name's Queenie!** ♥ I'm a 26/yo Passion/Cute Pro who is ♥super gay♥ for Kirari and Anzu. I also love all of the little kiddie idols, as if they were my own children, especially Nina, and want to protect them with all my might!! **Current Status:** aikawa chinatsu voice when ???? sad that i don't actually have chinatsu's ssr in game... i just really wanted her on my profile so i'm pretending i do so that her beautiful face can greet me and everyone else - - - - ♥ I'm ♥ Just ♥ General ♥ Idol ♥ Trash ♥ In addition to [email protected] I also love Aikatsu, Tsukiuta, Pretty Rhythm/Pripara, and... almost any idol anime I can get my hands on! The idol industry is so gross, but idols are so... good...

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