heyo! i'm oliver! ever since I obtained midori's first event card I knew that I loved her with all my heart! I want to have all of her cards! It's also my goal to have all brilliant noir cards too! ( brilliant noir is a unit consisted of midori mizuno and chiaki kurokawa ) #### more info * out of all idol games or series i'm into midori is my top favorite idol character! * coolP, love laikaP, brilliantnoirP // midoriP, suzuhoP, chiakiP * more girls i love: sanae/haruna/minami/sachiko/mary/saki/mahiro/noa/ai/manami/rumi/kai I'm saving for midori's ssr. I know that it may be forever until she gets one but honestly I don't mind that. i'll wait however long it takes for midori!!!!

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