NATALIA CAME HOME 9.23 I own all of Natalia's ingame cards and her second banner. Hashtag Bless. Ranked 1306 on the Athanasia event! ☆ Crying over anime girls at 22 ♫ My life is a mess and spiraling out of control ☆ Shiki, Rin, and Natalia are my girls and I love them very much ♡♡♡ ♫ Rin, Hanayo, You, Dia, Ai, and Emma are my best LL girls! ☆ College is kicking my ass because I won't stop playing Overwatch ♫ I sing a lot and make english covers but never post them anywhere because I hate my voice, but one of my friends claims to be a NaimP ☆ I'm not that great at the game but I still love the girls and have fun! ![Text](https://deresute.me/592927750/medium?1 "") ![Text](https://deresute.me/947868349/medium?1"")

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