Yorosyukoooo~ my name is jess(or Haeun/하은),I've been playing since the atapon event! I'm in cool-p hell and I love Shiomi Syuko so much! I dropped everything to get her Tulip SR ASAP and accidently ranked tier 3 for Frederica when it came out. I also occasionally draw and post on tw/istg. I like to translate things to practice my language skills so bare with me about that if you follow my twitter. It's usually story/event commus and a lot of otoge tbh if you're willing to put up with me! 日本語少し話します (I'm still learning JPN it is never perfect but I can do a little to decent.) 한글는이해하지만 글쓰기가어려워 (I am Korean myself and fluent. I am not confident with typing in krn but feel free to use krn with me if it's easier on you!) Im a huge CAERULA/Hagoromo Komachi/Harugasumi-P Im very supportive of Yuuwaku-Evil's mischief, and think hagoromo komachi needs to hold hands I also love Asuka Sanae Yuko Ranko Tamami Yukimi Yoshino Azuki Yumi Sae Kako Karen Rin but lbr I love all the girls? currently saving for Lim Syuko and then Limited Sae and Aiko Deresute is constantly fucking me up every NEW YEARS/Wedding gatcha [ Limited Karin was the worst they ever did to me LMAO I expected her to be perm like everyone else got to be post-Yui] I'm mainly FTP unless it's the pick ticket [Ranko Syuko were gifted to me by close friends and then Aiko Tamami and Sae were ticketed following] I love making new friends so come hither because I can be quite shy ahdhsjjfmw (esp if you're a fellow Syuko-P I'm so alone among my friends? pl s) But yeah hmu in general if you're about [email protected] MAY 31st 2017- LIMITED KARIN CAME HOME Nov 1 2017- LIMITED YUKO CAME HOME Nov 31st 2017- LIM YOSHINO CAME HOME September 3 2018- CINFEST SYUKO IS HOME.

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