## I AM (NOT) A PRODUCER --- ## TOP 5 Idols ![image](https://imgur.com/FzsrgmH.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/fYCfeJ5.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/WrySbxm.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/w5pcV5w.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/bqya340.png) - Sugar Heart, Kanade and Fumika Producer from Thailand - beatmania IIDX Player: KKMTC* (SP: 9th Dan), DJMAX Respect Player: KKMTC_K87 - Active: Genshin Impact - Also played some Action, RPG, FPS and Racing games - My Pixiv: pixiv.net/member.php?id=2275457 - "AJURIKA and TAKU INOUE is GOD" --- ## Most Favorite CGSS Original songs ![image](https://imgur.com/tuEmwJk.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/BxSUYa3.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/4IM9ggG.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/PlvMuUN.png) ![image](https://imgur.com/exGzUVQ.png) ---- ![KAMAITACHI*K](https://deresute.me/296391553/large)

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