"sachiko fan first, person second" ### About me Hai! My name is Emmie (pronouns she/her and he/him), I am 14 years old, and I am a HUGE Sachiko fan. She has been my favorite since I started the game a few months ago and stayed when I picked it back up this month, even though I originally joined the game for Mio. My other fandoms besides IM@S are **Project SEKAI**, Bandori, D4DJ, DDLC, and Homestuck/Vast Error. ### Roadmap? - First downloaded Starlight Stage - **First full-combo! (Regular)** - More coming... **About my lack of cards** — I have more cards than listed! It's just taking me a little to add all of them to my collected list ^^ ![Sachiko Swing Loading Animation](https://project-imas.wiki/images/7/7b/Sachiko_Loading_9.gif)

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