[email protected]: Takane CG: Minami, Love Laika ML: Megumi, Tsumugi, Tristar Vision SideM: THE Kogadou, Shiro, Saki Shiny Colors: Kaho **Current goals:** + Star shine for Minami's fourth SSR! [Currently: 300/300 star shines!!] **Achievements(?):** + 8th May 2016: First time tiering and T2 @ LIVE GROOVE Visual Burst: Seizon Honnou Valkyria - rank 2581 + 15th April 2017: [Permanent Minami obtained! / SSR Scout ticket](https://twitter.com/Kogameh/status/853041150470479872) + 27th September 2017: [Limited Minami obtained! / 2 out 11 pulls](https://twitter.com/Kogameh/status/912922610895175681) + 31st May 2018: [Minami's 2nd Limited obtained! / 5 out of 17 pulls](https://twitter.com/Kogameh/status/1002069617802600448) (This is outdated lol) ![Cinderella Dream](http://i.imgur.com/ZDC6FNF.gif) I don't mind friend requests but please let me know if you've added/want to add me!

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