Come on, the worst thing that could happen is we all die.. [cit.] Hello, minna! You may call me seralh or Hydaelin, I'm 23 and from Italy~ I've been lost in Idol Hell since April 2015 and until now no signs of recovery :') I'm an anime, manga and Jrpg addicted and my favourite game series is the Tales OF franchise. Hope we can get along well, see you around~ 『 Favourite idol list: 』 Shiki Ichinose > Anzu Futaba > Ranko Kanzaki > Syuko Shiomi > Mika Jougasaki > Kaede Takagaki > Shin Sato > Makino Yagami > Kotoka Saionji > Yumi Aiba 『 Worst idol list: 』 Nono Morikubo, Mizuki Kawashima, Shizuku Oikawa

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