**[My Sukutomo](http://schoolido.lu/user/RiniRuby/) [My Bandori.Party](http://bandori.party/user/2006/Riru/) [My Listography](https://listography.com/9843427540)** ---------------------------- **I'm part of Sakura Rebellion! Along with [Asaka~](http://schoolido.lu/user/rockprincess/) and [Daylilly](http://schoolido.lu/user/Daylilly/)** ------------------------ **Hi I'm Rini! My best girls are Tomoe and Nono but I'm still very new to this game im very confused but im having a good time** **Also, if you're new to EnStars I will teach you everything you need to know! Just ask away, I love helping people ♥** I don't really play anymore but I still love Tomoe and Nono from afar -----------------------------------

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