I used to hate idols and now I'm in too deep to get out. -- ![look at dose stats](https://deresute.me/831160967/medium?1 "God of Master FC") Heyyo I'm Hikaricht! (Or Koisukure on some sites). Feel free to call me Hika or Koi or Alice! I'm really prone to letting this game take over my life really easily Self-Proclaimed EmiP and TomoeP! Self-Proclaimed singer, figure collector, rhythm game enthusiast, proud cat mom Greatest achievements: - gets valentine's asuka within 10 solos - gets 2 back-to-back dupe ssrs - rolls 100 cards for halloween nina but gets halloween uzuki and perm nina instead - starts rerolling for the halloween nina mentioned above and gets her on the second account - first ever multi-SSR roll has two of the lim I wanted in it - gets both lim mayu and lim tomoe during free rolls back to back Other best girls! ![best tho](https://68.media.tumblr.com/5a94f0fae400eddc3f3a9a43ac5a168d/tumblr_omve12cVhP1tb6svgo1_540.png)

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