hello my fronds. my name is Vanessa, I come to you from Poland! so notice please that english is not my first language :- ( but I'm trying my best!!! (insert ganbarimasu joke here) as you can see I really, really love meat. to the point where whenever I see meat, I get watery eyes. I am not even joking. I also like to play bandori and LLSIF. unfortunately my friendship with llsif ended because I had to uninstall it because of my phone storage. but I still really like it. so it basically means that I am, probably, a basic rhythm idol games player, right???!!?? so my starter pack would consist of earphones, weirdly flexible fingers, having too much free time and appreciation for my sweet, sweet beautiful cards. also, I should be known for not being able to choose my best girl(s). I really can't do it no matter how hard I try. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!! I think I am a PassionP! if that's important to you, my zodiac sign is scorpio and my mbti is enfp!!! if you want to know more about me then please send me a massage! i would love to make some friends here. i am always trying to reply as fast as possible ๐ŸŠ

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