a huge fucking michiru oharaP since june 9, 2016 --- **about me** hello! i'm jac and my pronouns are she/her! i mostly produce michiru most of the time, but i also produce sae and noriko! aside from that, i also love all of the branches! my faves from other branches are takane shijou (765), arisa matsuda (ml), shoma hanamura (sideM), and rinze morino (sc)! i play mirishita and shinymas, and used to play msute until march this year (since it's shutting down soon... but i am excited for saisuta!), i play a bit of sideMoba, but most of the time i just login sometimes oops. will play poplinks as well once i get a new, better phone (since my current one can't dl the game) --- michiru checklist - initial michiru (normal) ☑ - valentine's michiru sr ☑ - chewing autumn michiru sr ☑ - sandwich dress michiru ssr ☑ - bread event michiru sr ☑ - melonpan dress michiru ssr ☑ ![Image](https://www.project-imas.com/w/images/7/7b/Michiru_Loading_1.gif) --- ![Image](https://deresute.me/234488739/medium)

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