Hi my name's Georgia/BB! I've been into [email protected] since the 2011 anime, then moved on to Love Live, but recently got into Cinderella Girls when deresute came out (I did like the designs way before that though I found some drawings from sixth grade of them LOL) Anyway Natsuki is my best girl but I tend to like the characters in this series more when they interact with others than alone so I really should say DariNatsu and the 142's/SachiSyo are my thing! Recently I've been thinking about Kanade ships and DariMayu...wahhh the in game units like Love Destiny and Enjin just destroy me too....! So I mostly spend my time blogging about idols, reading idol doujin, and drawing...idols...sometimes I wonder why I like this so much but it's just a way of life now. My tumblr is I'd love to chat but I can't promise I'll follow back-tumblr BS seems to permeate every blog these days even in little ways so I just stick to what I know. DERESUTE GOALS: -tier in an event -get a limited SSR -get the Sachiko SR I'm missing -FC 10 master songs -clear every song on every difficulty -and the ultimate goal: 142 SSR team leaders ![it me](")

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