RIP ElysiaKun 2016-2016. May Karen guide you to Valhalla. http://cinderella.pro/user/100/ Cinderella Producers and ShinyColors_ENG Staff member. PhD Philosophy Candidate. Anime/Manga. Video Games. Philosophy. Programming. Technology. Rock/Electronic Music. OPM. DotA2. [email protected] Granblue Fantasy. KarenP. Triad Primus. I speak my mind. Too lazy to put all the cards here again so only SSRs and some SRs will be shown here. Current Status: ![Karen~](https://deresute.me/268145253/medium?1 "Karen~") Twitter: @ElysiaSakura P.S. huge thanks to the starlight stage discord community for supporting me through this mess. you guys are awesome. You can check the discord out here: https://discord.gg/0rgt7Kq7r8kC8dLq

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