## よろしく~ This is the introductory page of a self-proclaimed idolmaster. *** ### General things about me - I'm Konsi, or Kon, or Konkon, whatever you prefer. - I'm a 19 year old male who loves cute things, spicy food and sweet drinks. Sweets in general are pretty neat if you ask me. - I play a lot of gacha games - I'm actually really glad that this game has Kirarin, who is really tall because I like tall girls~ - don't feel attacked if you're smol though, smol is justice - this might be the first genre where my favorite girl does not have green eyes - the SN I'm mostly active on is Discord. I'm Kon#0039, feel free to add me! - I forgot to reactivate my domain at black friday and I wanna not pay a lot of money for my domain, so the linked resources may not work until november ### Deresute things - I play the game very sporadically. I've started the game shortly after its 2nd anniversary, so I knew it was impossible to get all the event things. - Ironically, I would consider this game to be my favorite idol game, and I think it might have to do with my low ambitions for it - I used to tier events, but due to rl stuff, I can't actually tier for cards any longer. I'm personally really sad about that, but it can't be helped - My best girl is Airi and I only found her really late. For some reason, all of her SSRs just came to me around the same time, so maybe this relationship isn't one-sided~ - I know I have a best girl bullet point on every Circles site, but oh my god how I wished for Shin to be my girlfriend. I just love love love her personality and looks, she probably is a 10^6/10 for me - I really like every third girl of this franchise, idk why the girls in this game are especially appealing to me *** ### Other My Deresute-ID and other IDs can be found [here](http://konkon.club/#deresute). In case you see some UI translation mistake, just hit me up and I see what I can do~ What's your favorite favorite?

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