![ stats]( "can you tell i try too hard with combos?") ![ stats]( "and for the new account!") rika p • blacklisted by limited gacha • hated by all favorites i collect figures a bunch, do a lot of costuming/sfx stuff, and i live for animals. send me pictures of your fuzzy kids and let's talk about 'em! if i had to collect a 'top ten' of my favorite idols, we've got rika, natsuki, mayu, shiki, hikaru, chika, frederica, nao, nina, and miku! ...not necessarily in that order. the collection's for srs + ssrs! no rares or normals are counted, as they ain't stayin' in my list and only get kept until they bloom so the album entry's filled. altho, favorite girls will stay here as their rares until they get an sr.

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