Oct. 14, 2016, 12:48 p.m.

this week has been really wild for me when it comes to [email protected] I'm really excited about the event midori because I love majority of every cool girl. i've managed to get her as a drop twice so far. no sight of shin yet but i'll keep playing to play. I also come to realize that sachiko is third best girl and i love her so much? wow! surprise, it's not a cool girl??? anyways... listen, I'll be honest. I can't save up my jewels. I solo any chance I get, and so well I happened to solo the ayame ssr. I just idolized her too, and like I'm still in shock?? haha but THEN ... i managed to get another 250 and i saw it was a cute box. i spammed on twitter about how sachiko better come home, and even on discord too. guess what happens. she came. SHE CAMe out of all the cards i could get. like i lowkey cried? i am in idol hell, i'm idol trash but listen love live has fricked me up and never given me what i want so many times like [email protected] has. i have solo'd 2 ssrs this week but also all my ssrs i have 2 of them are my best girls??? what is my luck??? i just thought i'd share with you all.