July 10, 2018, 9:54 p.m.

hello my fronds. time for some probably very late introduction!!! my name is Vanessa and I am from Poland. so it means that English is not my first language :- ( but I'm trying my best!!! as you can see from my username, I love meat. I am, probably, your fellow basic rhythm idol games player, playing bandori recently and playing llsif for a long time. unfortunately I had to uninstall llsif because of my phone storage. I still really like it tho. I should be known for not being able to choose my best girl(s). HOWEVER!!!!! I think I am a PassionP. if you want to know more about me then please send me a message! i always try to reply as fast as possible ๐ŸŠ also i want to meet you all. have a nice day/evening/night! and a lot of fun playing deresute!