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Sept. 29, 2018, 3:58 a.m.

Finally decided that LiPPS is my favorite subunit because I adore and love every member AND the song “tulip” 😭💕

Sept. 28, 2018, 5:18 p.m.

Campfire date with Sanae and some beer ^w^

Sept. 13, 2018, 3:15 a.m.

These pictures suck I might take more when I'm able to go outside, but for now: here's my date with Kaede and Sachiko my girlfriend... ![dsa]( A good girlfriend has to be supportive... ![fds]( Me pranking my girlfriend: ![das]( And Sachiko, who isn't dating me but, my plushies because they have superior cuteness ![da]( ![dsa]( Update: Here's Kaede brightening up my walk to class <3 I'll update with outdoor pictures soon haha

Sept. 28, 2018, 5:41 a.m.

I have enough to do a 10+1 pull! Wish me luck! I want to get one of Mai Fukuyama's cards! So, wish me luck!!!! I'll share the results!

Sept. 23, 2018, 8:21 p.m.

the ar function isn't working for me and i'm very salty because i wanna go on a date with minami

Sept. 27, 2018, 6:42 a.m.

I did the guaranteed limited SSR pull and got miss maid Miria…. I’m so glad, she’s one of my favorite cards

Sept. 27, 2018, 10:51 a.m.

Beef Bowl date! <3

Sept. 27, 2018, 8:17 a.m.

i used the solo tickets from the anniversary lottery to try for halloween uzuki. there were a lot. didn’t get her (ofc) but i got nina??? i was so shook i forgot to screenshot again lmao. and i got aiko’s lim sr from the halloween set too! so i’m really not gonna complain ^^;

Sept. 26, 2018, 5 p.m.

On one hand, salt. On the other, I guess I can't be too mad when my faves come home. At least this isn't one of the cards I just bought/sparked. Anyway, I hope this gacha becomes a semi-regular thing.

Sept. 26, 2018, 7:16 a.m.

i did the new thing where you’re guaranteed a lim ssr in a paid 10 pull (really happy with how many lims they’re just selling these days, btw. i hope they keep that up) i forgot to screenshot it but i got this miho!! ![miho]( honestly i feel like this one is underrated. she’s actually super cute, i love it!!

Sept. 23, 2018, 11:05 p.m.

Well after 2 months of saying "fuck you" to Mirishita I have decided to redownload it for the sheer fact that I love Matsuri more than I love the Deresute girls. For context, 2 months ago I spent 2 weeks tiering in 3 events nearly all at the same time. It was the 1st anniversary event for Mirishita which offered exclusive badges for your best girls, Minami's most recent event, and Reiji Kotobuki's first event on the UtaPri WW server. I successfully tier 1'd both Minami & Reiji's events, then got in the top 1k (I think I was around 700) for Matsuri, which is what was needed for her black & gold badge (the top 100 got a black & rainbow badge). I was so excited for it because I hadn't been able to get her 25k fans badge yet, so I spent ALL my stamina potions on her (I had literally everything maxed out in my inventory). Then 4 hours before the event ended, I went to sleep. It was the last spurt I needed to finish all my events in my desired placements and I had already stayed up until 8-9am for Minami's event, so I just.... needed rest. Especially since my wrist was really hurting. Then I woke up, waited 12 hours - PRETTY CONFIDENTLY - and bam. I missed her by about 100 places. I'm ranting, I'm sorry. I know this is a Deresute site but I need to let out some steam because I don't really have any close [email protected] friends to really rant to that would fully understand my pain. I mean, I have one and I love her but... I'm just UGH. It was especially frustrating because I had been playing Mirishita since the day it launched and was waiting as patiently as possible for Matsuri's first ssr, then when she came out I spent 17.5k gems on her and got ZERO ssr's, whereas every time I pulled before that I had AMAZING luck with pulling ssr's. Like... Matsuri??? Babe??? Also side note? Gameplay wise, Deresute is my favorite but character wise it's my least favorite... And the reverse is also true for MStage... Like...... IMAS COME ON :(( Anyways sorry for my dumb rant, I don't necessarily care if anyone reads it. I just needed to put my full thoughts into one place. But if anyone did read this... PLEASE WISH ME LUCK WITH MIRISHITA AGAIN, I LOVE MATSURI TOKUGAWA SO MUCH...

June 30, 2018, 3:20 a.m.

Edit: Some people weren't able to finish their entry on time, so we are adding **5 days** to the deadline. Edit: [Winners part 1]( - [Winners part 2]( Make sure you post your entry, and take that extra time to vote for your favorite as well! [Countdown before the end]( *** # ![Petite Idol Studio: Summer Paradise Ed.]( Are you ready for another beautiful summer full of idols and fun? So are we! That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate this sunny season with a photography contest! Use your creativity to think of a beautiful summer-themed photo with one or more of the characters from one of the Circles family websites, and then make it come to life with your own camera! Share your art with the rest of the community, and help us spread excitement for another exciting idol-filled summer! And of course, win amazing idols-themed prizes! ## Dates July 1st - July 31st [Countdown before the end]( ## How to enter? To enter this contest, all you will need to do is make an activity on a Circles website that features a character from a Circles website, and share the photo with the tag, "PetiteIdolStudioSummer"! - **How to post an activity with a hashtag on School Idol Tomodachi?** Follow [this guide]( and make sure you write `"PetiteIdolStudioSummer"` (without the # sign) anywhere in the content of your activity. - **How to post an activity on Bandori Party, Cinderella Producers or Stardust Run?** Click the button that says "Add activity" on the homepage. Make sure you check the checkbox `"PetiteIdolStudioSummer"` under "Tags". You can add other tags if you want. - **How to post an activity on Maji Love Collection?** Because Maji Love Collection is not launched yet, you can enter on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag `"#PetiteIdolStudioSummer"` and mention [@MajiLoveCollect]( Make sure your account is public, or we won't be able to see your entry! ## Rules - Minimum of one photo per entry, multiple photos allowed, no max. - Multiple entries are allowed, but there will only be one prize per winner. - Only activities posted after the contest starts and before the contest ends will count. - You can submit videos, texts or any other kind of multimedia, but your entry needs to contain at least one photo. - General rules of activities apply. - You may enter in a single category or multiple categories. You don't need to specify it. ## How to Win? ### Categories #### ![Picture Perfect Idol]( Show off your photography skills with the best location, perfect lightning, best angle and overall beautiful photo! #### ![Summertime Sweetheart]( Stick to the summer theme, drive to the nearest beach, or wait for a sunny day to take your merch to the best summer party they've ever had! (Or sickest winter slopes, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) #### ![SUPER OSHI]( After stocking up on merch for so long, today's your time to brag! Show off your extensive collection and dedication to your favorite idols to win! ### Websites You have until the end of the giveaway to get as many "likes" as you can on your activity. So share it with all your friends to get likes! - [School Idol Tomodachi]( With Love Live! merch, including Aqours, µ's, PDP idols, and any other side characters or voice actresses. - [Bandori Party]( With BanG Dream! merch, including all members of all bands, even bands outside of the GBP game and voice actresses. - [Cinderella Producers]( With [email protected] merch, including Cinderella Girls, but also all the other [email protected] characters in the whole license and voice actresses. - [Maji Love Collection]( With Uta☆Pri merch, including ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT, HE★VENS , and any other side characters or voice actors. - [Stardust Run]( With Pokémon merch, including all Pokémon in Pokémon GO but also any other Pokémon not included in the game yet, and trainers as well. ![]( ## Prizes There will be 1 winner + 1 runner-up per category. Winners per categories will be decided via a vote from staff members and contributors. Prizes will be distributed based on how many staff points an entry received. The winner with the highest score gets to pick their favorite prize first. There will be 1 winner per website. The top activity per website with the most likes will be the 1st winner. ### 1st winners for each category (x3) get to choose between: - 1 black ITA bag with a transparent front ![Photo]( - 1 transparent ITA bag with pockets for items ![Photo]( - 1 mini white ITA bag (~2 nendoroids) ![Photo]( - 1 Lumiace Dial live light stick (10 colors) ![Photo]( - 1 6-pack of mini star transparent acrylic stands ![Photo]( - *If you're not interested in any of the items we have, you can get the 2nd prize instead, or a custom digital drawing or edit* ### Runner-up winners for each category (x3) get: - 1 high quality print of a custom illustration by one of our artists, made just for you - 1 round/square keychain or round badge featuring the same illustration ![Examples of illustrations by our artists]( ![Photo of keychains/badges]( ### 1st winners per website (x5) get: - Their choice of official merch from a selection per license Love Live! ![Photo]( - ![Photo]( BanG Dream! ![Photo]( [email protected] ![Photo]( Uta☆Pri ![Photo]( Pokémon ![Photo]( - *If you're not interested in any of the official merch we have, you can get a custom digital drawing or edit instead* ## FAQ **What if it isn’t summer where I live?** Hey mate, you are free to do winter instead, and will be able to enter the "Summertime Sweetheart" category just like the other summer pictures. We just want you to capture the essence of your current season! **I don't feel like taking summer-themed photos, can I just take normal photos of my merch?** Yes. It will not qualify for the "Summertime Sweetheart" category, but you still have a chance to win in the other categories! **Do I need a good camera and good photography skills?** Any camera will do. If the quality ends up not being so good, you won't be able to win the "Picture Perfect Idol" category, but you can still use your creativity and take your chance to win in the other categories! **What if I don't have a lot of merch?** You don’t need “a lot” to do well in this contest! Even one item is fine. It might not get you to win the "SUPER OSHI" category, but we care about quality over quantity, so get creative, and see what summer-themed things you can create, or show off your photography skills! **What if I don't have any merch, at all?** Get creative, create your own! Printed characters work too! (As long as you use official images, your own art, or fan-art with the artist's consent + credit) **Do I have to use official merch only, or fan-made are allowed?** Fan-made merch are allowed, but we insist that you should do your best to find the artist and link to their store. Of course, you are also allowed to use your own merch. **Can I re-use old photos?** Yes, but they need to match the theme and you need to take them yourself. We might ask you for proof or retakes if we can't say for sure that you took them, and we may eliminate you if we find out you didn't. **I am not able to give you my address, can I still participate and get a prize?** We will be able to give you a digital prize instead, so feel free to join. **Most BanG Dream! characters are not idols, and Pokémon are not idols, can I still enter with a BanG Dream! / Pokémon themed photo?** Yes! We are aware that not all of them are idols, but we use this word because it's an easy shortcut. **Do I need to specify which category I'm entering?** You don't need to specify which categories you're entering. **Can I photoshop or edit my photos to add decoration, stickers, etc.?** You may add decorations, stickers, or do any kind of post-processing if you'd like. However, for the "Summertime Sweetheart" category, we will only take into account summer-themed decorations that are in the actual photo. **Can I include people in the photo?** Yes, you can include whatever you want in the photo as long as it's aligned with the general rules for activities and it contains some merch of any kind. **Any other question?** Reply in the comments section and we will do our best to help you.